Mount Fuji Engine  0.8b
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*Fuji.hMount Fuji Engine main include file
o*MFAnimation.hA set of functions for managing mesh animation
o*MFAnimScript.hProvides a layer above model animation which maintains the concept of animation sequences, and handles triggering scripted events in sync with animation playback
o*MFAuxillaryDisplay.hProvides an interface to any available auxillary displays
o*MFBoundingVolume.hBounding Volume structure
o*MFCallstack.hRuntime callstack management
o*MFCollision.hA set of functions to perform collision operations between various primitives
o*MFCommandLine.hProvides a set of functions to parse the command line easilly
o*MFDebug.hMount Fuji Engine debugging tools
o*MFEffect.hManage rendering effects
o*MFFileSystem.hMount Fuji Engine FileSystem module
o*MFFont.hFont rendering interface
o*MFHashList.hA fast template class to manage a hashed lists of pointers
o*MFHeap.hDeclares structures and functions used when accessing the Fuji Heap
o*MFImage.hGeneral image processing API
o*MFInput.hProvide access to the systems user input devices
o*MFMaterial.hProvide access to the material system which manages renderer configuration
o*MFMath.hDeclares some Fuji math functions, optimised for each platform
o*MFMatrix.hDescribes the Mount Fuji Engine matrix class
o*MFModel.hA set of functions for managing and rendering 3D models
o*MFModule.hFuji module registration and management
o*MFNetwork.hProvides some engine level network features
o*MFObjectPool.hProvides a suite of fast pool allocators
o*MFParticleSystem.hProvides a basic particle system
o*MFPrimitive.hProvides access to a basic immediate mode renderer
o*MFProfile.hFuji profiling
o*MFPtrList.hA very fast template class to manage lists of pointers
o*MFQuaternion.hDescribes the Mount Fuji Engine quaternion class
o*MFRenderer.hProvides access to low level renderer calls
o*MFRenderState.hAPI's to manage renderer state
o*MFResource.hFuji resource management
o*MFScript.hProvide access to the embedded 'AngelScript' scripting language
o*MFShader.hShader management
o*MFSockets.hMount Fuji Engine Sockets implementation
o*MFSound.hProvides access to the Mount Fuji Engine sound system
o*MFString.hMount Fuji string funcitons
o*MFStringCache.hProvides a quick and simple string cache
o*MFSystem.hSystem related functions
o*MFTexture.hDeclares structures and functions for managing textures
o*MFThread.hFuji multi-threading interface
o*MFTranslation.hMount Fuji localisation interface
o*MFTypes.hStandard types used by the Mount Fuji Engine
o*MFVector.hDescribes the Mount Fuji Engine vector class
o*MFVertex.hProvides low level access to vertex and index buffers
\*MFView.hManages the renderers view