Mount Fuji Engine  0.8b
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
[detail level 12]
oCDSliceImplements a D language 'slice' structure
oCDStringImplements a D language string
oCMFAddressInfoAddress information
oCMFAnimationRepresents a Fuji animation
oCMFAnimScriptRepresents a Fuji animation script
oCMFAudioStreamRepresents a Fuji audio/music stream
oCMFAuxDisplayPropertiesAuxillary display properties
oCMFBlendStateRepresents a frame buffer blend state
oCMFBlendStateDescBlend state description
oCMFBoundingVolumeBounding volume
oCMFCollisionItemRepresents a Fuji collision item
oCMFCollisionResultCollision result structure
oCMFCollisionTriangleCollision triangle structure
oCMFDefaultsFuji Defaults structure
oCMFDepthStencilStateRepresents a depth/stencil state
oCMFDepthStencilStateDescDepth/stencil state description
oCMFEffectRepresents a Fuji Effect
oCMFFileRepresents a Fuji file
oCMFFileHTTPRequestArgHTTP 'POST' arguments
oCMFFindRepresents a Fuji find handle
oCMFFindDataFileSystem find data
oCMFFontRepresents a Fuji Font
oCMFHashListHash List
oCMFHeapRepresents a Fuji Heap
oCMFIndexBufferRepresents a Fuji index buffer
oCMFInet6AddressInet6 Address
oCMFInetAddressInet Address
oCMFInitParamsParameters supplied when initialising Fuji
oCMFMaterialRepresents a Fuji Material
oCMFMaterialCallbacksMaterial type registration callbacks
oCMFMaterialParameterInfoMaterial parameter information structure
oCMFMaterialTypeMaterial type
oCMFMatrixMatrix class to perform various matrix operations
oCMFMemoryCallbacksMemory allocaiton callbacks
oCMFMeshDescribe a renderable mesh
oCMFModelRepresents a Fuji model
oCMFMountDataMount data base structure
oCMFMountDataHTTPMount HTTP filesystem structure
oCMFMountDataNativeMount native filesystem structure
oCMFMountDataZipFileMount zip archive filesystem structure
oCMFOpenDataOpen file data base structure
oCMFOpenDataCachedFileOpen cached file structure
oCMFOpenDataHTTPOpen HTTP file structure
oCMFOpenDataMemoryOpen memory file structure
oCMFOpenDataNativeOpen native file structure
oCMFOpenDataZipFileOpen a zip archive file structure
oCMFParticleEmitterParametersParticle emitter configuration
oCMFParticleParametersParticle system parameters
oCMFParticleSystemRepresents a Fuji particle system
oCMFPtrListPointer List
oCMFPtrListDLDead/Live Pointer List
oCMFQuaternionQuaternion class to perform various quaternion operations
oCMFRasteriserStateRepresents a rasteriser state
oCMFRasteriserStateDescRasteriser state description
oCMFRayIntersectionResultRay intersection result structure
oCMFRectRepresents a spatial rectangle
oCMFRendererRepresents a Fuji renderer
oCMFRenderLayerRepresents a Fuji render layer
oCMFRenderLayerDescriptionRender layer description Describes an MFRenderLayer
oCMFRenderLayerSetRender layer set A set of render layers to be used while submitting geometry
oCMFResourceBase class for a resource
oCMFResourceIteratorRepresents a Fuji resource iterator
oCMFSamplerStateRepresents a texture sampler state
oCMFSamplerStateDescTexture sampler state description
oCMFScaleImageImage scaling data
oCMFScriptContextRepresents a Fuji script execution context
oCMFSocketAddressSocket Address
oCMFSocketAddressInetInet Socket Address
oCMFSocketAddressInet6Inet6 Socket Address
oCMFSoundRepresents a Fuji sound
oCMFSoundInfoDescribes an MFSound buffer
oCMFStateBlockRepresents a rendering state-block
oCMFStateConstant_AnimationMatricesAnimation matrices
oCMFStateConstant_MatrixBatchAnimation matrix batch
oCMFStreamCallbacksStream callbacks
oCMFStringFuji String class
oCMFStringCacheRepresents a Fuji String Cache
oCMFStringTableRepresents a Fuji translation string table
oCMFSweepSphereResultSweep sphere result structure
oCMFTextureRepresents a Fuji Texture
oCMFVectorVector class to perform various vector operations
oCMFVertexBufferRepresents a Fuji vertex buffer
oCMFVertexDeclarationRepresents the layout of a vertex buffer
oCMFVertexElementDescribes a vertex element
oCMFVoiceRepresents a playing sound
oCMFVolumeInfoFileSystem volume info
\CMFWStringCacheRepresents a Fuji Unicode String Cache