Mount Fuji Engine  0.8b
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typedef MFInitStatusMFInitCallback )()
 Fuji module initialisation callback prototype.
typedef void( MFDeinitCallback )()
 Fuji module destruction callback prototype.


enum  MFInitStatus { MFIS_Failed = -1, MFIS_Pending = 0, MFIS_Succeeded = 1, MFIS_ForceInt = 0x7FFFFFFF }
 Module init completion status. More...


MF_API int MFModule_RegisterModule (const char *pModuleName, MFInitCallback *pInitFunction, MFDeinitCallback *pDeinitFunction, uint64 prerequisites=0)
 Register a Fuji module. More...
MF_API int MFModule_GetNumModules ()
 Get the number of registered modules. More...
MF_API int MFModule_GetModuleID (const char *pName)
 Get a module's id. More...
MF_API const char * MFModule_GetModuleName (int id)
 Get a module's name. More...
MF_API bool MFModule_IsModuleInitialised (int id)
 Check if a module initialised. More...
MF_API bool MFModule_DidModuleInitialisationFail (int id)
 Check if a module initialisation failed. More...
MF_API uint64 MFModule_GetModuleMask (const char **ppModuleNames)
 Get a bit mask for a list of modules. More...

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