Mount Fuji Engine  0.8b
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Image Manipulation

Data Structures

struct  MFScaleImage
 Image scaling data. More...


enum  MFImageFormat {
  ImgFmt_Unknown = -1, ImgFmt_A8R8G8B8, ImgFmt_A8B8G8R8, ImgFmt_B8G8R8A8,
  ImgFmt_R8G8B8A8, ImgFmt_R8G8B8, ImgFmt_B8G8R8, ImgFmt_A2R10G10B10,
  ImgFmt_A2B10G10R10, ImgFmt_A16B16G16R16, ImgFmt_R5G6B5, ImgFmt_R6G5B5,
  ImgFmt_B5G6R5, ImgFmt_A1R5G5B5, ImgFmt_R5G5B5A1, ImgFmt_A1B5G5R5,
  ImgFmt_A4R4G4B4, ImgFmt_A4B4G4R4, ImgFmt_R4G4B4A4, ImgFmt_ABGR_F16,
  ImgFmt_ABGR_F32, ImgFmt_R11G11B10_F, ImgFmt_R9G9B9_E5, ImgFmt_I8,
  ImgFmt_I4, ImgFmt_D16, ImgFmt_D15S1, ImgFmt_D24X8,
  ImgFmt_D24S8, ImgFmt_D24FS8, ImgFmt_D32, ImgFmt_D32F,
  ImgFmt_D32FS8X24, ImgFmt_DXT1, ImgFmt_DXT2, ImgFmt_DXT3,
  ImgFmt_DXT4, ImgFmt_DXT5, ImgFmt_PSP_DXT1, ImgFmt_PSP_DXT3,
  ImgFmt_PSP_DXT5, ImgFmt_XB_A8R8G8B8s, ImgFmt_XB_A8B8G8R8s, ImgFmt_XB_B8G8R8A8s,
  ImgFmt_XB_R8G8B8A8s, ImgFmt_XB_R5G6B5s, ImgFmt_XB_R6G5B5s, ImgFmt_XB_A1R5G5B5s,
  ImgFmt_XB_R5G5B5A1s, ImgFmt_XB_A4R4G4B4s, ImgFmt_XB_R4G4B4A4s, ImgFmt_PSP_A8B8G8R8s,
  ImgFmt_PSP_B5G6R5s, ImgFmt_PSP_A1B5G5R5s, ImgFmt_PSP_A4B4G4R4s, ImgFmt_PSP_I8s,
  ImgFmt_PSP_I4s, ImgFmt_PSP_DXT1s, ImgFmt_PSP_DXT3s, ImgFmt_PSP_DXT5s,
  ImgFmt_Max, ImgFmt_SelectDefault = 0x1000, ImgFmt_SelectNicest = 0x1001, ImgFmt_SelectFastest = 0x1002,
  ImgFmt_SelectHDR = 0x1003, ImgFmt_SelectNoAlpha = 0x1004, ImgFmt_Select1BitAlpha = 0x1008, ImgFmt_SelectRenderTarget = 0x1010,
  ImgFmt_SelectDepth = 0x1020, ImgFmt_SelectDepthStencil = 0x1030, ImgFmt_ForceInt = 0x7FFFFFFF
 Image format. More...
enum  MFScalingAlgorithm {
  SA_Unknown = -1, SA_None = 0, SA_Nearest, SA_Bilinear,
  SA_Box, SA_HQX, SA_AdvMAME, SA_Eagle,
  SA_SuperEagle, SA_2xSaI, SA_Super2xSaI, SA_Max,
  SA_ForceInt = 0x7FFFFFFF
 Scaling algorithm. More...


MF_API void MFImage_Scale (MFScaleImage *pScaleData)
 Scale an image using a non-trivial scaling algorithm. More...
MF_API const char *const MFImage_GetFormatString (int format)
 Get a string representing the image format. More...
MF_API uint32 MFImage_GetPlatformAvailability (int format)
 Gets all platforms that support the specified image format in hardware. More...
MF_API bool MFImage_IsAvailableOnPlatform (int format, int platform)
 Tests to see if a image format is available on a specified platform. More...
MF_API int MFImage_GetBitsPerPixel (int format)
 Get the average number of bits per pixel for a specified format. More...

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